Is Your Drone Pilot Licensed?

Flying drones can be fun, and it also can be rewarding as a career. But did you know that not every drone pilot out there is licensed (well…no matter how they claim themselves to be) and it might leave you and your business in jeopardy if the unexpected ever happens due to them not being able to get insurance? Then this article is for you!


Flying drones can be fun, and also can be rewarding as a career. But did you know that not every drone pilot out there is licensed? Drone pilots without proper license is not eligible for public liability insurance, therefore you and your business might be in danger if something nasty happens because you hired them?

RePL (Remote Pilot License) is a license issued by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) where it certifies that the person holding RePL is specially trained and tested for professional drone operation, radio broadcasting & aerial legislation knowledge.

These extra little steps ensure that licensed pilots are professional drone pilots as opposed to pilots for recreational purposes only. Licensed drone pilots are eligible for taking out public liability insurance and can operate drones outside normal hours for some of the most amazing shots such as dusk & dawn. Licensed pilots frequently get updates regarding any drone operating rules & legislations to ensure they are made aware to any changes in the drone industry in terms of flying safely & professionally.

“At DroneHub Australia, all our drone pilots are CASA certified drone operators therefore we have access to a wider range of flying conditions and are equipped with some of the best drones for the ultimate aerial imagery for both commercial & recreational uses.”

So do yourself a favour. Next time you hire someone for a job, ask to see proof of their license. That way you will be sure to know if you are hiring the right person! Or simply contact one of our certified drone pilots for a quote of your next project.