How To Do A Perfect Real Estate Shot

Aerial Shots For Real Estate Done The Right Way

The most common question we get asked when preparing a real estate shot is how we can ensure that the targeted property can be illustrated perfectly, from every angle possible.

The answer is simple. How would you like your property to be featured if you were the owner of the property?

First thing first, we need to get ourselves familiarised with the law required when taking real estate shots. Neighbouring houses around the targeted property need to be blurred or covered, either by applying a blurring tool or providing privacy shading.

The most paramount element when getting the house ready for drone shots is to know its nearby amenities. As this allows potential buyers to know the property and its surroundings such as shopping centres, schools and attractions etc.

And then it comes down to the second most important thing: weather. Not to mention you should never operate drones when it’s raining or the wind speed exceeds 25km/hour, the light condition of the time when the drone is going to be taken also serves a key role to ensure the quality of the final product.

Obviously the skill level of the drone pilot you hired is sharp as not only does he/she need to operate the drone professionally, the distance & height between the drone and the targeted property needs to be done the right way to best illustrate the house in focus.At DroneHub, we prefer to set the drone operating parameters at about 200-metre away and 100-metre on top of the property.

Last but not least, a good, experienced content editor or photoshop expert can further facilitate the overall visual effect of the final product. As you only get to impress buyers once, the first impression when they see the property photos must be done the right way.