How To Do A Perfect Real Estate Shot

Perfect Aerial Shots For Real Estate Done The Right Way

The most common question we get asked when doing a real estate shot is how can we ensure that the house can be illustrated perfectly, from every angel possible. The answer is simple: how would you like your house to be featured if you were the vendor?


The most paramount element for a real estate shot is revealing the location as it showcases the nearby amenities and how conveniently the house is located. Then it comes down to the angle of the camera. We prefer to have the sky occupy at least 1/3 of the entire picture as it broadens the horizon and illustrates best when viewed from a desktop or mobile device. The last bit of advice is from more of a technical angel: a professional photoshop editor can do some final touches to the raw footage and have everything blended cinematically for the final product.

A common issue when preparing a drone shot is privacy as people from neighbouring areas often question whether their privacy is being breached during drone operation. At DroneHub, we respect privacy from both our clients and people live nearby. Therefore, all our drone pilots are certified by CASA and have full knowledge of respecting privacy and making sure we shade adjacent houses using editing software.

“Every house is different. You must put yourself in vendor’s shoes and imagine what you would like the house to be highlighted in a way to best illustrate every bit of its essence” ~ Jason Zhao

However, since every house is different and there are so many other determining factors such as the weather at the time of shooting, light conditions, and most importantly the skill level of the photoshop editor who could turn good photos into an art piece.

If you need further advice or assistance with your upcoming project, feel free to reach out to us.