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At DroneHub, we have various packages for your choosing. From our most popular all-in-one combo pack where we handle everything from photos, videos, aerial imagery to drawing floor plan, site map and post production all at an affordable fixed pricing. We also have seperate service available for you to pick and choose should you wish. 

Simply contact us should you have any questions regarding our service packages or any other services you wish to discuss with us.

all-in-one &
Done-For-You package

Photo + Video + aerial

Whether you are a real estate agent looking for interior & exterior photo shoots, video walkthroughs as well as aerial footage to showcase a property or a theme park owner who wants to promote your site by utilising cinematic, story-telling video contents, DroneHub Australia has got you covered.

Individual photography & videography

A La Carte service

Don’t need all the services? No worries! We also offer flexible individual service to suit your needs. We specialise in taking professional still images, creating cinematic videos & certified post-production editing. All our works are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and delivered in 24 – 48 hours.

Floor Plan &
Site Map Combo

Floor Plan & Site Map Combo

Don’t need all the services? No worries! We also offer flexible individual service to suit your needs. We specialise in taking professional still images, creating cinematic videos & certified post-production editing. All our works are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and delivered in 24 – 48 hours.

Real Estate & Architecture Photography

Not only are we specialise in real estate photography, we also shoot architecture-quality images for builders, magazines, news covers etc. The difference between real estate & architecture photography are endless as architecture photography requires the image to be as symmetrical as possible for that magazine look as well as following “one-point” focus rule. A lot has come down to the angle of the shoot also and the tremendous editing process to achieve that architectural look. An experienced architecture photographer will also produce excellent real estate photos. However, a real estate photographer may not have the required assets and techniques to make great architecture photographer.

by our cASA-certified drone pilots

To fly drones commercially in Australia, the drone pilot needs to acquire appropriate certification through trainings outlined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Do not put your business at risk by employing non-complaint drone pilots that will make your business liable in an event of an accident. At DroneHub Australia, all our drone pilots are CASA-certified & fully insured personnels that have gone through a series of training and operation carried out by us. Together with our 30-million public liability insurance, you can rest-assured both you and your business will be in good hands.

Real Estate | Events | Brand Awareness

We are cinematic storytellers, not just any ordinary media company that shoots commercial videos for a quick buck. All videos created by us are guaranteed eye-catching and emotion-filled. We believe a hand-crafted story tells a thousand words and that is why we will draw up script and consult 1-on-1 with every client of ours before the shoot to ensure the content we deliver will meet and go beyond what your competitors are capable of doing, so your content will always be steps ahead.

Domestic | Commercial Industrial

We offer free standard floor plan & site plan for our most popular done-for-you package but we do more than just traditional floor / site plan. Our award-winning 3D floor plan with(out) furniture proves to be more eye-catching and converting 35% better than plain black-and-white ones. We offer 24-48 hour turnaround time for most of our work carried out at DroneHub Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our award-winning all-in-one package includes professional interior/exterior photos, aerial drone shots together with hand-crafted cinematic video walkthroughs to showcase your property at its finest – all done by our certified content creators and CASA-certified drone pilots with a guaranteed 24-48 hour delivery time. 

Yes, absolutely! As a matter of fact, all drone pilots operate commercially in Australia needs to have proper license in order to be compliant with the law. You and your business might be at risk if your current drone pilots do not have those qualifications and current public liability insurances. All drone pilots here at DroneHub Australia are CASA-certified and have gone through extensive flight tests carried out by us to ensure you and your business are in safe hands!

We offer express same day delivery for all photo services and next business day delivery for all video contents. You can expect to receive your final product in 24-hours to 48-hours (depending on number of revisions) after confirmation of revisions. Occasionally delays may be expected due to weather condition affecting drone operation or cloudy days rendering sub-optimal interior and exterior shots etc.  

DroneHub Australia is a customer-centric business. We stand by our customer’s satisfaction and we take it seriously. With countless happy customers both locally and around the globe, we make sure your work gets done on-time and delivered in it’s finest form. We allow unlimited revisions (within reason) until you are happy with the work.

DroneHub Australia operates both in Melbourne and Geelong. Our Geelong branch services Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula whereas our Melbourne office services all metropolitan areas. Our post-production department operates on a global scale where we have clients from all over the world for their editing, web-design and post-production needs.

For real estate clients, we offer interior & exterior photo shoots, agent’s voiceover, brand insertion, aerial footage showcasing adjacent amenities and story-telling property videos ready to use for marketing purposes. We also take care of various post-production works including image enhancement, object removal, privacy shading overlay and sky replacement so your content comes out epic and above your competition every single time.

Our certified content creators will sit down and go though everything with you to ensure the content we are creating for you will impress and convert. If you do not know where to start with your next project, call us for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts.

We do whatever it takes to differentiate ourselves from other. We want you to be able to do that as well! Therefore, we do not build traditional website that does not convert. Customers get lost among various tabs creating confusion and ultimately leading to low conversion rate. We build one-page website with the implementation with sales funnels to ensure it captures your customer’s attention and lead them to the checkout page. 

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